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Research Group 2-2. Comparative Cultural History from the Perspective of East Asian Mingu and Material Culture


The origins of many of Japan’s traditional mingu can be traced directly or indirectly to Chinese influence, if not to introduction from China. This project will compare Japanese mingu with those of China and Korea from the perspectives of folklore studies, archeology, cultural anthropology, and migration studies, and will seek to determine synchronically what they have in common and how they differ.

As subjects of study, we envisage two areas: mingu associated with life (artifacts related to everyday living), and mingu associated with death (artifacts related to burial and grave systems, consoling the spirits of the dead, etc.). The research will center on the prewar Attic Museum collection; we will undertake a comparative study between China/Korea and Japan from a material culture perspective, focusing on changes that have occurred since the collection was made.

  Name Specialty Affiliation
PL SUNAMI Soichiro Folklore Gangoji institute for research of cultural property
DL OGUMA Makoto Folklore Kanagawa University
PM CAI Wen Gao Folklore Kokugakuin University
PM HE Bin Folklore Tokyo Metropolitan University
PM KUTSUKI Ryo Study of Material Culture
Historic archaeology
Chiba University of Commerce
PM MAKIBAYASHI Keisuke Archeology Research Center of Ancient East Asian Iron Culture
PM NAKAO Norihito The study of Chinese Mingu Tenri University Sankokan Museum
PM OTA Shinpei Social and cultural anthropology National Museum of Ethnology
PM SERIZAWA Satohiro Cultural anthropology Nara University
PM SHIGA Ichiko Cultural anthropology Ibaraki Christian University
PM SUZUKI Fumiko Cultural anthropology Bukkyo University
-Project leader
-Deputy project leader
-Project member

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